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Current affairs on April 14 2020

Current affairs on April 14 2020

1. RMS Titanic was a British passenger liner operated by the White Star Line, when it was that sank in the North Atlantic Ocean?

Ans: 15 April 1912 (RMS Titanic was a British passenger liner operated by the White Star Line that sank in the North Atlantic Ocean in the early morning hours of 15 April 1912, after striking an iceberg during her maiden voyage from Southampton to New York City. Of the estimated 2,224 passengers and crew aboard, more than 1,500 died, making the sinking one of modern history’s deadliest peacetime commercial marine disasters. RMS Titanic was the largest ship afloat at the time she entered service and was the second of three Olympic-class ocean liners.)

2. National Safe Motherhood Day is celebrated on April 11. Which scheme was launched in 2011 to encourage institutional deliveries?

Ans: Janani Shishu Suraksha Karyakaram (In 2003, the government of India declared the national safe motherhood day on April 11, which is the birth anniversary of Kasturba Gandhi, wife of Mahatma Gandhi. The day is celebrated to raise awareness about access to care during pregnancy, childbirth and postnatal services. The government of India has launched Janani Shishu Suraksha Karyakaram in 2011, to motivate the general public to opt for institutional deliveries. It aimed to eliminate out of pocket expenses for pregnant women and infants in accessing public health institution.)

 3. The international Day of Human Space Flight is celebrated on April 12, to commemorate the first flight carried out by which astronaut?

Ans: Yuri Gagarin (The International Day of Human Space Flight is the annual celebration, held on April 12, of the anniversary of the first human space flight by Yuri Gagarin. It was proclaimed at the 65th session of the United Nations General Assembly on April 7, 2011,Yuri Gagarin crewed the Vostok 1 space flight in 1961, making one orbit around the Earth over 108 minutes in the Vostok 3KA spacecraft launched by Vostok-K launch vehicle.In the Soviet Union, April 12 was commemorated as Cosmonautics Day since 1963, and is still observed in Russia and some former Soviet states. Yuri’s Night, also known as “World Space Party” is an international observance initiated in the United States in 2001, on the 40th anniversary of Gagarin’s flight.)

4. Which country pharmaceutical industry has stated that there is enough stock of hydroxychloroquine accounting for 70% of the world’s supplies?

Ans: India (The Indian pharmaceutical industry has stated that there is enough stock of hydroxychloroquine in the country, and drug firms are ready to ramp up the production to meet domestic as well as export requirements. India manufactures 70 percent of the world’s supply of hydroxychloroquine. Companies like Zydus Cadila Ltd. and Ipca Laboratories Ltd. are the major manufacturers in the country, according to the Indian Pharmaceutical Alliance.Indian Institute of Foreign Trade Rakesh Mohan Joshi said India is the world’s largest manufacturer and supplier accounting for about 70 percent of the world’s supplies. In the U.S. market, India accounted for about 47 percent supply of hydroxychloroquine in 2019,)

5. Which national park in india has set up the country’s first quarantine facility for animals?

Ans: Jim Corbett national Park (Jim Corbett National Park is the oldest national park in India and was established in 1936 as Hailey National Park to protect the endangered Bengal tiger. It is located in Nainital district and Pauri Garhwal district of Uttarakhand and was named after Jim Corbett.After a Malayan tiger was tested positive for COVID-19 in Bronx zoo in the United States, the Indian park has started to set up about 10 quarantine centres within its premises to isolate animals. The cages built for wild animals are also to be converted into quarantine facility.)

6. Apr 11 (PTI) Private sector lender Karnataka Bank, who’s reappointment recently as MD and CEO for next three years?

Ans: Mr. Mahabaleshwara M S (The regulator has also approved for reappointment of P Jayarama Bhat as part time (non executive) chairman.the approval received from the Reserve Bank of India, the Board of Directors of the Bank have reappointed  P Jayarama Bhat as Part Time (Non Executive) Chairman to hold office upto November 13, 2021 (i.e. upto the upper age limit of 70 years) and Mahabaleshwara M S as Managing Director & CEO of the Bank for a further period of three years with effect from April 15, 2020.)

 7. Which global organization has released a report titled “south Asia Economic Focus’ FY21 India growth at 1.5-2.8%; slowest since economic reforms three decades back?

Ans: World Bank (India is likely to record its worst growth performance since the 1991 liberalisation this fiscal year as the coronavirus outbreak severely disrupts the economy,India’s economy is expected to grow 1.5 per cent to 2.8 per cent in the 2020-21 fiscal which started on April 1, the World Bank said in its South Asia Economic Focus report. It estimated India will grow 4.8 per cent to 5 per cent in the 2019-20 fiscal that ended on March 31.The Asian Development Bank (ADB) sees India’s economic growth slipping to 4 per cent in the current fiscal, while S&P Global Ratings has further slashed its GDP growth forecast for the country to 3.5 per cent from a previous downgrade of 5.2 per cent. Fitch Ratings puts its estimate for India growth at 2 per cent, while India Ratings & Research has revised its FY21 forecast to 3.6 per cent from 5.5 per cent earlier.

8. Which company to develop a technology solution partner with Apple on COVID-19 for contact tracing activit ?

Ans: Google (Google and Apple are announcing a joint effort to enable the use of Bluetooth technology to help governments and health agencies reduce the spread of the virus, with user privacy and security central to the design.COVID-19 can be transmitted through close proximity to affected individuals, public health officials have identified contact tracing as a valuable tool to help contain its spread. Apple and Google will be launching a comprehensive solution that includes application programming interfaces (APIs) and operating system-level technology to assist in enabling contact tracing. Given the urgent need, the plan is to implement this solution in two steps while maintaining strong protections around user privacy.)

9. Which Union ministry of India has launched a web-portal YUKTI (Young India Combating COVID with Knowledge, Technology and Innovation)web portal is an initiative in New Delhi?

Ans: Human Resource and Development(HRD) (It’s a unique portal and dashboard  to monitor and record the efforts and initiatives of MHRD. The portal intends to cover the different dimensions of COVID-19 challenges in a very holistic and comprehensive way.

  • It will cover the various initiatives and efforts of the institutions in academics, research especially related to COVID, social initiatives by institutions and the measures taken for the betterment of the total wellbeing of the students.
  • The portal will cover both qualitative and quantitative parameters for effective delivery of services to the academic community at large.
  • It will also allow various institutions to share their strategies for various challenges which are there because of the unprecedented situation of COVID-19 and other future initiatives.
  • The portal will give inputs for better planning and will enable MHRD to monitor effectively its activities for the coming six months.
  • The portal will also establish a two-way communication channel between the Ministry of HRD and the institutions so that the Ministry can provide the necessary support system to the institutions.
  • The portal will help in critical issues related to student promotion policies, placements related challenges and physical and mental well-being of students in these challenging times.)

10. Which multilateral funding agency has tripled its COVID-19 response package, initially announced for its developing member countries, to $20 billion?

Ans: Asian Development Bank (The Asian Development Bank (ADB) on Monday said it has tripled the size of its Covid-19 response package for its member nations to USD 20 billion. The package expands ADB’s USD 6.5 billion initial response announced on March 18, adding USD 13.5 billion in resources to help its developing member countries counter the severe macroeconomic and health impacts caused by Covid-19.The package will be delivered more quickly, flexibly, and forcefully to the governments and the private sector in our developing member countries to help them address the urgent challenges in tackling the pandemic and economic downturn Asakawa added.)

11. Covid-19 outbreak and lockdown how much percentage impact income of NCR households?

Ans: 85% (Incomes of almost 85% of households in the national capital region (NCR) have been impacted by the Covid-19 outbreak and the lockdown, according to a survey released by the National Council for Applied Economic Research (NCAER).The telephonic survey conducted between April 3-6, included 1,750 participants covering both rural and urban areas of Delhi NCR.Among its key findings, the survey found that only 36.4% were able to correctly identify the three main symptoms of Covid-19, that is fever, cough and breathing difficulties.The data showed that casual labourers were disproportionately affected with nearly 75% stating their wages were severely affected. This figure was less than half, at 46.7% for salaried employees.)

12. Which state has introduced new initiative titled ‘Food Bank’ in India, free food to the poor and needy who are facing scarcity of essential commodities due to COVID-19?

Ans: Manipur (In Manipur, a new initiative titled ‘Food Bank’ has introduced by Imphal East District Administration. Distribution of food items, hand sanitizers and face masks has already started to Drug Rehabilitation Centers and people living with HIV located in Imphal East District. On the other hand, many donors from various sections of society have responded positively to the initiative.)

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